Link Round Up for January 18, 2014

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Here is a collection of the videos I have found most helpful this week. Enjoy!

Jeremy McKee and The Church Collective with

Configuring Ableton Live 9 For A Worship Set

Many of us use Mainstage for synth hosting but Mainstage simply does not handle loops and timeshifting as well as Ableton does. Ableton is a bit more clunky on the instrument management side. Check out one way to set Ableton up for a worship service.

Ian McIntosh at with

Using The IAC Driver In Ableton To Automatically Switch Scenes

The IAC driver in OSX can help get around software limitations and connect programs that otherwise won’t speak MIDI to each other.

Peter Thompson at OurWorshipSound with

Low latency in Mainstage

A good review of latency in Mainstage especially for those just getting started with software based performance setups.

My good friend Abel Mendoza with

Make An Amazing Pad In Mainstage 3 – Ian McIntosh Style

Making great sounds can be as much about the effects as the raw materials and Abel shows us how to modify a stock Mainstage/Logic pad and turn the knob up to 11.

As always thanks for visiting and leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

Logo image courtesy of kjeik on Flickr and modified under the Creative Commons License.

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