The Fast Track to a Worship Ready Nord

Good news! Today I am releasing my first patch collection for the Nord Stage 2. The patches contained in the Worship Pack for Nord Stage 2 are designed to get keyboardists off and running with their Nord Stage 2 without the need to spend a lot of time in patch creation and editing. Piano presets for rock and ballads, the highly compressed piano made popular by Jesus Culture, band ready Rhodes and Wurly patches, and organ presets with the B3 novice in mind are all represented.

There are also a number of synth bases and leads but the bulk of the collection is made up of pads. The biggest innovation here is utilizing the two Part structure of the Nord Stage 2 to emulate “shimmer” reverb type settings. The result is a number of patches with a sparkling high end that mesh well with modern worship styles. I also spent some time with the available strings samples in an effort to create more lush and convincing string patches. The results are several strings patches that mesh well with worship styles and offer a lot of flexibility in tone and style.

Perhaps the best feature is that the Pack is designed to be “drop in” ready for a Nord Stage 2 with factory presets. This makes it ideal for musicians who perhaps play on a church-owned instrument or who want to get started quickly with updated patches on their new instrument. For those of you who have tinkered with your Stage already don’t fret! – I have included instructions on where to get samples you may have deleted as well as what type of piano substitutions to make if you prefer Pianos other than the stock set.

You can find the Worship Pack at the link below, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Please let me know if there are any problems with it as well as any recommendations for improvements or testimonials on how it has helped you in your performances. As always, thanks for reading!

Worship Pack for Nord Stage 2 on


  1. I think you said that this bundle is not compatible with other sample based Nords: that would include a NordElectro? Do you have anything that would be compatible or recommendations on where to look?

    1. Yes I’m afraid it will not work with any of the electro series. I hopefully will have a pack soon that is all sample-based for the electro and Nord Piano family.

  2. Useless. What a pity. A shame. Nord Stage is designed for anyone to quickly get the sound wanted. This pack contains bread and butter sounds that takes a few second for any Nord Stage 2 owner to program.

    1. Sorry you feel that way – I can tell you that I am pretty facile at programming the Nord and I spent probably over 100 hours on it but I don’t disagree that learning to do it yourself is the best.

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