Worship Pack now updated for the Stage 2 EX!

I’ve been lucky to have my hands on a Stage 2 EX for the last several days and have made good use of the time updating the Worship Pack to be Stage 2 EX compatible. If you haven’t been following along, the biggest change on the hardware side is more Piano memory on the EX. For me the biggest change is a whole new set of factory synth samples – all of which had to be remapped to the Worship Pack programs! Fortunately the job is done now and I think it came out pretty well. There were a few programs that had to be reworked but I think the new changes have improved them – overall the Worship Pack is as awesome as it ever was. Check it out!

Worship Pack for Nord Stage 2 and Stage 2 EX


  1. Hey Casey did you find that the pad/synth sounds were better in the EX? I’m debating between the NS 2 and NS2ex. I’m also wondering does your product download into the hardware or do u have to use a laptop?

    1. The sounds are better using the 2.0 sample engine which is available for both synths through an OS update for the original stage 2 and then downloading the updated samples from the Nord website. Otherwise the synth engine is the same for both and both are capable of the same sounds. The Worship pack requires a computer to transfer the samples and patches to the Stage.

    1. Sure Mike. I handle EU sales directly through PayPal. Send $20 US to caseymglass at gmail dot com via PayPal and I’ll send the download link to the email address associated with the PayPal payment.

  2. Hi Casey, a novice here with the Stage 2 and synth in general. I bought and downloaded the Worship Pack and love the sounds in there but am trying to figure out how I can split the keyboard between two or more of the sounds in the Worship Pack. Any help or direction on this concept would be much appreciated!

  3. We just got the Nord Stage 3 for out church and besides pianos and organs, all pads and synths are dull and dry. Any chance we can get a Worship Pack fir the Stage 3? We used a Korg before and it had beautiful presets that didn’t need much tweaking. I just don’t have anyone that is willing to spend the time to learn it and make those sounds from scratch. Thank you all!

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